In the event of an emergency, please get in touch with AREC immediately. They are our nearest 24-hour emergency veterinary facility, located at 4 Lang Road, Broadmeadow.

Call them on 4957 7106.

Concerned About Poisoning?

The Animal Poisons Helpline is a free service for pet owners, available from 9 am - 5 pm AEST 7 days a week.

Call them on 1300 TOX PET.

Not Sure If It's An Emergency? 

Call AREC to speak to their team, or give the PetMD Symptom Checker a try.

Has Your Dog Eaten Chocolate?

You can use the calculator below to determine your next steps.

This calculator should not be used as a substitute for specific veterinary advice and is only intended as a guide. Please contact Nelson Bay Vet if you are concerned about your pet’s health.